Antony Thomas

Antony has been training in Shaolin Kickboxing for a number of years and qualified as a black belt on 10 March 2014. Alongside his championship fighting career, he’s  comtinues to work to perfect his knowledge and ability in Shaolin Kinckboxing. Indeed, he qualified as a 2nd degree black belt on 3 September 2023. 

A dedicated and skilled fighter, Antony has achieved remarkable success recently.  He is currently a Muay Thai World champion, a K1 English champion and an IKF European champion.

Within Shaolin he is a mentor to all students wishing to gain experience in the ring or even those wishing to pursue a fighting career.

Professionally he works as a personal trainer and anyone wishing to improve their fitness or martial arts skills is encouraged to contact him.

Stick Defence

WKO World Champ!

Antony wins WKO championship!

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